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How Our Immersive Classroom Works

B.I.G. British International School is the first and only school in Italy to have an immersive classroom with four projectors and an innovative audio system. Thanks to its many features, students can travel through space and time and learn about history, science, art and so much more like never before.

Let’s find out together what makes our immersive classroom so special!

First of all, our immersive classroom makes lessons more interesting and participatory, thanks to a truly immersive and interactive projection space, easily controlled by the teacher via a tablet. Teachers of all grades have access to a library of thousands of ready-made teaching materials that allow them to better structure their lessons.

But that is not all. Students can also create their own immersive virtual tours, enrich them with multimedia content (texts, audio, video) and make them accessible via the projection system or via a VR viewer. They can also easily share their works with other classes and schools.

Thanks to our immersive classroom, students become the real protagonists, being not only users of ready-made content, but also creators of immersive content that can be edited, enriched and shared.

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